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Student Travel Information

Many students will travel during the school year.  Travel is a great way for students to enrich their Canadian experience.  Whether students are traveling with their host family, a friend's family, or by themselves, the following policy is to be followed to insure the ISP is aware of where students are and to help make sure the trip goes smoothly. 

All Travel

Requires travel notification form to be completed.   The Homestay parents will help the student submit this form to their Homestay Coordinator and Administrative Assistant.

International Travel (Incl. USA)

Requires a letter from SD67 International Program for Immigration.  The International Student Program Department must be notified of exact travel details, including travel itinerary, accommodations, and supervisors a minimum of 14 days in advance.  Once received,  ISP will decision the request and prepare the necessary documents, if approved.  

Travelling without SD67 Homestay or Staff

All Travel without an SD67 Homestay parent or staff requires a release document to be completed and signed by the natural parents (prepared by ISP).  Our program must be notified of exact travel details, including itinerary, a minimum of 10 days in advance.  The ISP will produce a document to be signed by the student's natural parents giving permission for the student to travel alone.

For student travel that involves spending time in an area without the supervision of an SD67 Homestay parent or SD67 ISP staff, the following must occur:

  • A detailed plan must be presented to the ISP Principal a minimum of 14 days in advance.  
  • The plan must outline the exact details for safe transportation and accommodation and the specific name and contact information of the adult (25 years +) who will be actively supervising the student.  
  • The plan must be approved by the ISP Principal.  Do not make travel arrangements before approval is received. 
  • The student's Homestay and natural parents must approve of the plan.   
  • The release document (described above) must be completed and signed by the natural parents.


  • Students should select dates that minimize the amount of school missed.
Riding in a vehicle with an "N" driver

For International Students to be allowed to ride with Canadian students who have an “N” driver's license, students must receive double approval from both their natural parents and their host parents. This must be done for each individual “N’ driver students may be riding with.