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Why choose SD67?

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There are many benefits for students to come to the Okanagan Skaha district.  But what sets us apart from other International Programs in British Columbia is our wonderful location and the smaller size of our International Program.

Okanagan Skaha is the perfect sized community.  Small enough for students to be safe and independent, while still having all the amenities students need for a wonderful study abroad experience.  

              • Amazing recreational activities in all 4 seasons.  
              • English speaking community = accelerated English acquisition.
              • Small number of International students (approximately 100 students in 6 different schools).
              • 1% Rule - SD67 limits the number of International students from each country to 1% of the student population of the school. 
              • We coordinate and run our own homestay program
If attending a high quality school in a beautiful, safe community that is surrounded by amazing Canadian experiences with a limited number of students from your own country sounds like the experience you are looking for, SD67 Okanagan Skaha is a great choice for you. 
All this, at one of the most affordable price points in the Province of British Columbia!