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Soccer Opportunities

Soccer Opportunities in the Okanagan Skaha School District

School Soccer Teams (Grade 9-12)

What is it?

A school based team that completes against other school teams

  • Secondary Schools only (Grade 9-12)
  • Complete against schools of similar size
  • Boys season is in the Fall.  PMSS and SSS only.
  • Girls season is in the Spring.  All Schools
  • Costs are minimal – shared expenses of travel by all team members
  • Students must try-out
Pinnacles FC - After School Soccer Academy

What is it?

  • A Community based opportunity to develop soccer skills in a competitive football environment
  • Offered seasonally (each session 3 months in length)
  • Training sessions separated by age and gender
  • Available for students of all ages
  • Training sessions are 2-3 x's per week in the afternoon or evening
  • Training occurs at the Adidas Sportsplex.  Indoors during winter months.
  • Registration and fees organized through Pinnacles FC