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Penticton Secondary School  

Pen High boasts both a first class, state of the art facility and a record of academic and extracurricular excellence.  Pen High is an institution steeped in a tradition of pride and a culture of community building.  It offers students variety, comprehensive course offerings, a reputation of teaching excellence and innovation, and a challenging, vibrant, and safe learning environment.

PSS "Pen High" hosts students attending the Okanagan Hockey Academy and the KISU Swim Academy.  


School Motto: Excellence through Action - Integrity, Respect, Compassion and Commitment


Student Population:   Approximately 1200 students

International Student Population:   Approximately 50 students

1% Rule: No more than 13 students per country





Large, beautifully renovated school
Amazing facilities and grounds
Largest course selection
Hockey and Swin Academies
Competes in the highest level of sports
Penticton Secondary Photos

​Princess Margaret Secondary School 

"Maggie" is an active school with strong academic, athletic, fine arts and leadership traditions involving students from all grades and backgrounds.  The school has a diverse student population and prides itself on having a culture of acceptance, excellence and inclusion.


Princess Margaret embraces Land Based Learning opportunities.


PMSS  is now a International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) -  grade 9 and 10.



School Motto: Maggie Pride is in the A.I.R. - Accountability, Integrity and Respect 

Student Population:   Approximately 550 students

International Student Population:   Approximately 30 students

1% Rule: No more than 6 students per country

Medium sized school
Offers the benefits of both a large and small school
Wide Variety of Elective Course Options
Band and Drama
Princess Margaret Video:  https://youtu.be/1Ln7_rfdDDw
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Summerland Secondary is a dual-track school offering strong academic programs in both English and French.  The school, located in the picturesque town of Summerland, is proud of its positive school culture and offers a wide variety of courses across many disciplines.  Students are also actively involved in extra-curricular activities such as gardening, theatre and a full slate of athletics.  Due to the size of the school, International student attending Summerland has a real  opportunity to get involved in the extra-curricular activities happening at the school. 


SSS is home to the Centre Stage Theatre and one of the best Theatre programs in the Province.  Each year over 100 students are involved in the schools Theatrical Musical performances.


School Motto: Improving Achievement of all Students 


Student Population: Approximately 450 students

International Student Population:   Approximately 15 students

1% Rule: No more than 5 students per country


Personable and friendly
International students become very connected to other students and staff
Greater ability to get involved in extra-curricular sports 
First Class Theatre Program
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